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High Speed Single Layer Corrugated Paperboard Production line

Detailed information


Single layer corrugated paperboard production line is the special equipment to produce the single layer corrugated paperboard. It mainly includes mill roll stand, single facer, preheater, single layer conveyor, slitter scorer and cut off, stacker, steamed heating system, air compressor system and glue making system etc. The flute shape is UV more looks like V shape, the flute includes A、C、B、E four in total. Design speed 200m/min,the working width is 2200mm、2500mm、2800mm.


Scorer machine

DZQ2 Fully automatic single layer slitter machine

* Separate servo control of slitting knife arrangement, fast, accurate and 

reliable, single row slitter can realize 1-3 seconds to change orders, 

optional double row slitter can realize 0 seconds to change orders.

* Alloy steel thin knife slitting, automatic grinding, automatic lubrication, 

long using life, high cutting quality

* Tungsten steel alloy knife paperboard, automatic or manual sharpening, 

to achieve high quality cutting.

* Precise gear and rack drive, high mechanical positioning accuracy, quick 

ordering, accurate and reliable.

* Slitting speed adopts servo motor, servo control, automatic synchronous 

cardboard manual.

* Slitter and cut off machine split design, convenient tool change and maintenance.

* Standard equipped with waste suction mouth, left and right waste suction mouth 

position permanent magnet synchronous servo control to follow the edge knife 

synchronous adjustment.

* Standard communication interface, control interface, can be connected with the 

production management system, automatic order change and order management.

* Minimum slitter width 170mm.

* Speed:200m/min; Working width:2500mm、2800mm。


DZQ1 automatic single layer slitting machine

* All use computer control, realize automatic change order, reduce the waste 

brought by the shutdown, thus greatly improve the production efficiency.

* Super thin blade separate paper, auto / manual sharp knife, with long 

using life, it can achieve high quality cut effect. 

* Slitter scorer knife change order adopt independent servo control, order

 change time 3-8s.

* Adopt high precision ball screw , high quality linear guide rail ensures 

accurate cutting.

* Equipped with waste collect pot to take the waste paper away.

* Slitter output part adopt up and down belt transmit to the cut off 

machine position.

* It adopts high quality human-machine interface and high performance

 PLC to realize automatic change and reservation management and storage.

* Minimum siltter width 230mm.

* Speed:150m/min、200m/min; Working width:1800mm、2200mm.


DLH2 Automatic double drive spiral knife cut off machine

* Mainframe structure, modular design, precision machining, precision 

assembly, long-term stable operation of equipment.

* Alloy steel thin-walled spiral cutter shaft, precision needle roller bearing 

support, low inertia, high stiffness.

* Alloy steel precision helical gear transmission, small backlash, low 

noise, alloy steel sawtooth spiral knife cross cutting, smooth, neat, 

accurate paper cutting.

* Adopt high quality AC servo motor, imported special servo driver control, 

low energy consumption, cutting precision.

* With multi-group order processing function, automatic replacement of 

the next batch of orders warning, simple and convenient operation.

* Using single-layer spiral knife, smooth cutting, high efficiency.

* The spiral knife is made of special materials, the structure of the knife 

roller is reasonable, and the service life of the cutter is long.

* The mechanical structure design is reasonable, the mechanical shape 

is beautiful.

* With automatic lubrication system, gear, bearing cycle lubrication, heat dissipation.

* Cutting accuracy: ±1mm.

* Cutting length range 400-9999mm.

* Speed:200m/min; Working width:2500mm、2800mm.


DLH1 fully automatic single layer spiral cut off machine

* Fully computer controlled, high precision cutting different size of paperboard, 

automatic change and provide warning signal before change.

* Main frame structure, precision machining, precision assembly.

* Knife roller adopts double helix structure, scissors cutting, high efficiency,

 smooth transmission.

* The spiral cutter is made of special alloy material, the service life of the 

cutter is longer.

* Alloy steel precise helical gear transmission, small side clearance, low noise, 

smooth cutting, accurate, neat

* German forward servo driver and high quality AC servo motor, achieve 

high precision, low energy consumption.

* High quality industrial computer control system, standard 16 inch hd 

display, easy to operate on site.

* Cutting accuracy: with uniform speed≤±1mm.

* Cutting length range: 400-9999mm.

* Speed:150m/min、200m/min; Working width:1800mm、2200mm.


DDM3 Automatic small basket double station stacker

* The power adopts servo motor, servo drive control paperboard

 conveying, conveying speed and cardboard synchronization.

* The three belts are equipped with independent power drive,

 easy to complete the discharge and stack of cardboard at different

 speeds and lengths of cutting

* Pneumatic control batch, computer automatic counting, automatic

 order change fast, accurate, double station receiving paperboard.

* Lifting type paperboard receiving platform, computer servo control lifting, 

stacking is stable and tidy.

* Back baffle servo control positioning, quick order change, accurate 


* Servo motor and servo driver control paperboard horizontal output, 

stacking up to the set number of automatic horizontal discharge of paper.

* All belt shafts and guide paper shafts are chrome plated, beautiful and durable.

* Stacking length: 400mm-1600mm.

* Stacker height: 300mm.

* Design Speed: 200m/min.

* Working width: 2500mm、2800mm.


DDM2 Automatic small basket stacker machine

* Automatic basket stacker, automatic computer control, precise counting, quick 

order switching, automatic batch changing, order changing, smooth lifting 

and neat stacking.

* The conveying section adopts three-section frequency conversion servo

 conveying,which is combined with vacuum adsorption to ensure neat
stacking of paperboard.

* Three groups of spring battening press paper guide to ensure paperboard 

neat and stable transportation.

* The batch ejector structure between two and three sections, automatic 

counting, batch, ensure the accuracy of stacking.

* Tailgate servo control, automatic computer adjustment, automatic change 

of orders, fast, accurate, stable.

* Flat belt basket stacking platform, computer control up and down, stack

 steadily and neatly.

* Automatic computer control cardboard horizontal output, stacking reach

 the set number then automatic horizontal output the paperboard.

* Output paperboard side standard equipped with transmit paperboard

 rack for easy packing and stacking.

* Stacking length: 400mm-1600mm

* Stacker height: 300mm

* Design Speed: 200m/min.

* Working width: 1800mm、2200mm.


Machine introduction

The equipment is the whole process of automatic control of the glue 

making process, according to the process, raw materials and weather

 changes can automatically modify the formula, with online viscosity

 testing system, the equipment is widely applicable to the domestic

 and foreign large and small corrugated board manufacturers.

Function Introduction

1.This equipment is suitable for two-step automatic glue making.

2.The production process of glue is fully automatic to avoid the 

influence of human factors.

3.Ensure the quality of glue, improve production efficiency, reduce the loss of base paper.

4.Accurate weighing module combined with PLC program control to ensure accurate formula and accurate delivery of materials.

5.Simple operation, ordinary staff after a simple training can be the number of operations.

6.Multi-formula storage, according to the season, weather and paper factors to choose the glue formula.

7.Online viscosity control system.

8.Waste water reuse, energy saving and environmental protection.

9.Automatic formula selection, more convenient operation.

10.Powder pump transport starch, occupy a smaller area.

11.Automatic glue supply, ensure supply glue all the time.




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