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  • How to operate a high speed automatic ink and wash press?

    The specific operation procedures of high-speed automatic ink-wash printing machine are as follows: pre production operation specification 1. Machine inspection work 1. Carry out the following routine inspection on the machine; (1) check whether there are other items in the unit and on the workbench. (2) Check whether the oil level is normal. (3) Wipe and inspect the plate for damage. (4) Run the machine to check for abnormal noise. (5) Each lubricating point must be filled with oil once. 2. Understand the operation status of the equipment, run the machine to check whether there is abnormal noise. 2、 Production preparation: 1. Check the handover record; 2. After receiving the production order, first check whether the specified order is correct, understand the process requirements, production quantity and precautions of the products to be produced. The movable parts printed in two shifts should be marked on the printing surface, so as to trace the quality problems. 3. Prepare raw and a

  • Three maintenance methods of carton machinery and equipment

    In order to ensure the normal operation of carton machinery and equipment, daily maintenance and maintenance is essential and necessary. The daily maintenance of carton machinery and equipment is an important task in the management of carton production equipment.

    1. Aging maintenance

    The outstanding characteristics of this maintenance method are that the maintenance is only carried out when the machine is aging and damaged, there is no spare parts management and ordering plan, there is no fixed maintenance plan;

    2. Preventive maintenance

    This maintenance method is carried out periodically according to the scheduled time; there is a specified maintenance table for reference; there is no shutdown record and analysis; it can reduce the downtime rate of the machine;

    3. Productive maintenance

    This maintenance method fully follows the equipment rules, maintains and replaces parts according to the equipment instructions; the spare parts system is relatively perfect; the equi

  • Carton equipment procurement, must adhere to four principles!

    According to the incomplete statistics of our company's customer service for more than 10 years, 99% of the carton factories don't know how to choose a suitable nailing machine. In fact, we find that it's not only the nailing machine, but also the problem of purchasing carton equipment. After all, the purchase of equipment accounts for a large proportion of the fixed investment of the carton factory, and it will last for a long time Long term impact on production capacity, efficiency, quality and frequency of use, etc., is the third major problem in opening a carton factory in addition to capital and customers.
    Today, to discuss with you, in the box factory equipment purchase, should adhere to: first, expandable second, price third, after-sales fourth, these four basic principles! For your reference only, we are also welcome to exchange experience in related aspects.

    1、 Applicability of equipment:

    All managers who set up factories and run enterprises come with preparation and d


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